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What makes up Racing The Sun is the talent each member has developed over many years of hard practice and dedication!!!

Scott, (vocals/guitar) has been around the country entertaining fans with the sweet sound of his powerful vocals and guitar . Scott  has played in other bands such as Torn, playing various gigs and perfecting his best values. At 28 years old scott has pulled things togeather and helped form this band now known as "RACING THE SUN".


Ryan, (lead guitar) has always serenated our fans . At 23 years old, Ryan takes Racing the  Sun to a hole new level by giving you some of the best rythmic leads and unforgetable guitar tones.


Shane, (bass guitar) has been around  playing in many bands. Last kown in Nothin' 2 Lose,  ( ) shane has made an awesome transition from guitar to bass. At 27 shane takes on a new band called Racing the Sun, blending with earthquaking depth and mind-blowing bass rythems.


Tony, (drums) who has been playing for more than a decade brings a whole new meaning to being a fluent drummer. Before Racing the Sun, Tony has toured around in a band called Shaken not Stirred ( ). At 31 years old tony has helped put this new band togeather allowing us his awesome drum skills and intense sound quality.

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